Important COVID-19 information for our patients and visitors
including current restrictions and visiting times.

Important COVID-19 information for our patients and visitors
including current restrictions and visiting times.

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

Northeast Health Wangaratta has a strategic plan for 2015 – 2020 in place. This helps us to meet and exceed planned objectives developed in consultation with the Board of Management, executive, managers, staff, community members and other health care providers from this region.

The strategic plan remains at the forefront of decision making to provide clear direction to all staff at NHW and our achievements against set goals are reviewed every three months.

Download NHW Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020.pdf   [size 451kb]

Commitments and Strategies

Clinical Service

Our commitment is to be innovative and flexible in order to deliver responsive, person-centred care that meets community expectations. We will:

  • Consolidate our role as a sub-regional health service
  • Maintain the current level of service to our local catchment within the Rural City of Wangaratta as well as maintain and strengthen services to the residents of the wider catchment
  • Strengthen 24/7 service delivery
  • Implement a ‘Well Ageing’ program. This will include rapid and comprehensive assessment and planning of services for all older persons admitted to hospital with complex clinical conditions, and provide more timely access to other programs for older persons
  • Improve the timely ‘flow’ of patients across all hospital services to improve a seamless service for our patients
  • Expand the range and depth of Hospital-in-the-Home services
  • Improve service access and enhance the patient experience in the ED
  • Improve our clinical capacity in key medical specialist areas including future planning for general medicine and appoint a geriatric medicine specialist, amongst others
  • Improve access to a broader range of acute outpatient clinics on a viable basis
  • Establish a Rehabilitation-in-the-Home program as well as a stand-alone endoscopy service
  • Expand our medical bed capacity

People, Learning and Research

Our commitment is to the ongoing development of NHW as a dynamic and capable organisation that ensures the provision of optimal, quality health care for our community. We will:

  • Ensure a skilled, energetic and innovative workforce
  • Strengthen a workplace culture that is professional, supportive, inclusive and promotes life-long learning
  • Continue to develop clinical leadership in the sub-region and expand the number of joint academic and service appointments
  • Promote an environment that values trust, effective communication, staff satisfaction, engagement and well-being
  • Utilise our workforce innovatively to best meet the needs and choices of patients. We will ensure our workforce is capable, flexible, resilient and adaptive to the changing environment
  • Continue to build our education and research capacity to ensure an appropriately skilled workforce
  • Expand professional development pathways into and through the organisation
  • Lead and partner in collaborative initiatives, projects and research
  • Continue to promote and facilitate best practice in clinical learning environments
  • Embed technology that enables virtual training and teaching of healthcare professionals
  • Build our capability framework and progress our credentialing and peer review processes. We will strengthen our contribution as a healthcare education and consultancy service

Facilities and Environment

Our commitment is to continue to develop facilities that are accessible, meet the health needs of our community, optimise health outcomes, provide a safe workplace and safe environment for staff and the public and have a low carbon footprint. We must develop our physical infrastructure to cater for projected service demand and ensure that our facilities provide a caring environment. We will:

  • Provide infrastructure that meets contemporary health care expectations and is consistent with our Clinical Services Plan
  • Provide welcoming facilities that are culturally sensitive and positively engage our community
  • Continue to develop and monitor our environmental sustainability plan
  • Continually evaluate facilities to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose
  • Develop asset strategies to ensure facilities are equipped to meet future demands including clinical and technical innovations

Community and Partnerships

Our commitment to work with our partners and the community is critical to developing community support and ensuring an integrated service network across the region. We will:

  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with:
    • At least two specialist level hospitals in Melbourne, supporting access to complex clinical procedures and high level specialist advice
    • Albury Wodonga Health in relation to improving timely access to specialist mental health services, integrated cancer care including radiation therapy services and interventional cardiac services
    • Surrounding health services, to strengthen surgical service planning and delivery within the catchment
    • Gateway Health to reduce duplicate services, fill service gaps and improve the referral of patients between organisations
  • Support district health services in the sub-region by:
    • Providing clinical advice via Telehealth to local GPs and health service staff in relation to urgent care presentations
    • Providing specialist clinical advice in relation to maternity and anaesthetic services
    • Ensuring timely transfer of patients to NHW where clinically appropriate, with reciprocal timely repatriation of patients back to district health services
    • Providing non-clinical support services as requested by district health services
  • Maintain ongoing communication with partner agencies to ensure effective dynamic relationships to achieve agreed outcomes
  • Undertake targeted health promotion and early intervention activities to improve local population health and support well ageing
  • Ensure a seamless transition between, primary, community and acute health care
  • Actively partner with our customers in planning their healthcare management
  • Partner with the community and consumers to drive organisational improvement

Organisational Management

Our commitment is to ensure our organisation has a robust governance framework that incorporates a financial and resource management strategy to ensure accountability for, and sustainability of, service delivery to meet community needs. We will:

  • Lead and promote effective governance practices
  • Continually improve business systems and resource management
  • Ensure responsive and financially viable service provision that meets the expectations of the North East community
  • Work closely with appropriate government departments to incorporate new funding initiatives and opportunities for the benefit of our community and our staff
  • Explore opportunities to increase sustainability to expand and diversify services for the community
  • Continue to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance our role as a good corporate citizen and an employer of choice
  • Further enhance ICT capability to support care continuity, innovative service models, service quality, access and accountability

Quality, Safety and Innovation

  • Our commitment is to the provision of high quality, safe and progressive health care for our patients. We will:
  • Continue to promote a culture of performance improvement and Hardwiring Excellence
  • Measure, monitor and evaluate service-wide performance
  • Improve patient safety in known areas of high clinical risk
  • Actively benchmark our performance against other health services nationally to ensure better outcomes
  • Foster and promote a culture of improvement through innovation
  • Maintain a high level of patient satisfaction with our services
  • Facilitate decision-making and responsiveness by timely access to high quality data
  • Maintain accreditation status with designated external bodies

What we  will achieve by 2020…

Building on the very substantial successes over the past five years, there are six themes that have been identified that exemplify service development objectives for us over the next five years. They also
set the foundations for longer-term service developments:


We will enhance access through expansion of our capability and capacity to meet acute and community demand 24/7 and by maintaining our current high service level to the local community and residents of our neighbouring areas.

Service integration through partnerships

We will collaborate with other health service providers and ensure that patients receive seamless and integrated care wherever they need to be treated. We will develop and support clinical and corporate partnerships and alliances with other health service providers, including Albury Wodonga Health and Melbourne hospitals, local primary and community health providers such as GPs, Gateway Health, the Murray Primary Health Network and the Rural City of Wangaratta. We will also work with district health services in the region together with aged care and disability service providers.

Identify and respond to gaps

We will identify and respond to service gaps – including specialist outpatient services and services to assist our community to achieve ‘well ageing’.

Innovative service and workforce models

We will continue to develop innovations in service delivery, including through our workforce and smarter use of information and communication technologies.

Building on our community consultation

We will continue building on our community consultation and engagement frameworks to ensure the community we serve continues to have confidence in our ability to meet their healthcare needs.

Redeveloping core infrastructure

We will focus on redeveloping core infrastructure that is fit-for-purpose to meet increased demand.