Northeast Health Wangaratta

Care & Kindness Charter

Our absolute commitment to supporting /providing kind, gentle and compassionate care to our patients/clients and residents is the central reason we have all chosen to work in healthcare. We understand that the commitment to kindness starts with us being kind to ourselves and looking after our own wellbeing so that we can care for others. As a follow on from being kind to ourselves and one another, all Staff, Visiting Medical Officers and all Volunteers commit to:

care and kindness

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Doing all we can to keep you safe by:

  • Involving you in your health care
  • Helping you to make safe decisions about your care
  • Always cleaning our hands
  • Quickly responding to your requests
  • Providing you with information to help you at home
  • Maintaining our skills through education

Caring for you with kindness and respect by:

  • Listening to you, comforting you and making you our main concern
  • Recognising, supporting and celebrating the broad diversity of people we work with and care for
  • Being compassionate, gentle and patient
  • Being there for you when you really need it
  • Maintaining your privacy and dignity
  • Supporting your family and loved ones during your care
  • Providing ready access to Pastoral (Spiritual) Care
  • Respecting your wishes


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Being your advocate by:

  • Helping you through worrying times
  • Understanding your needs
  • Speaking up and taking action on your behalf when needed
  • Helping you with skills to manage your own health

Providing exceptional care by:

  • Caring for you as if you were a member of our family
  • Smiling and openly connecting with people
  • Doing our best to provide you with the highest quality care and service
  • Working collaboratively with all members of your care team in the planning and delivery of your care
  • Maintaining and updating our skills
  • Continually improving the physical environment, equipment and resources
  • Communicating clearly and respectfully with you
  • Respectfully considering any suggestion for service improvement
  • Living our Mission, Vision and Values, every day